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what is preview text

What is Preview Text? Preview text, sometimes known as the preheader, is the snippet of text that appears after the email subject line in most email programs. It is a feature that email marketers can use to improve their delivery rates, by improving how their message looks in the inbox. It's often overlooked in message creation. If you do not create it in your message, email clients will...
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what is footer address

What is Email footer? The default details in the footer are the your address that you entered when you registered your account. You can edit this info by clicking Your Profile, at the top of the screen and You Can Change footer address at time sending mail. It will be shown like this when you got email. Footer address should not be blank. More information about footer address can be found...
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why does not recommend sending attachments in bulk emails

You can send bulk e-mails with small attachments in, but it is usually not advisable to use attachments in bulk-e-mails. Alternatively you can Send attachment as Link. Receivers Internet Service Provider (ISPs) may Block your Email and mark it as spam even before your subscriber even gets to receive it. ISP’s have various algorithms to filter the content and one ...
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about email campaign reports

About Email Campaign Reports's campaign reports analyze link clicks, views, fail count, spam count;templates unsubscribe list, and more. In this article, you'll learn where to find your campaign reports and about our reporting statistics. Before You Start This article educates you on how to view an email campaign report. View Campaign Reports To view a r...
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dont send email from free email providers

Dont send email from free email providers These types of providers have adopted a DMARC policy that tells email inbox providers to reject any emails that don’t have the proper technical signatures. For example, if you’re sending an email with a gmail address through a third-party software like, and outside of the gmail framework, your message will be rejected. T...
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points to consider to avoid account blockage and blacklisting

Email Sending is an art and for better results and to avoid our email sending strategy to fail we need to understand the nitty-gritty of the factors affecting the reputation of an Email sender. Following Points should be considered and kept in mind to avoid account Blockage & Blacklisting and Increase the positive results of our Email sending 1. Email to be sent to Subscribed User onl...
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suggestions for better email inbox delivery for bulk email users

There is no standard thumb rule defined in any document by any Email Service Provider (ESP) about the way they screen your email and define its landing into Inbox. But out of every understanding that we receive from the patterns one thing is sure that all the Email Service Provider like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and others are moving toward one simple goal i.e. “No-Spam”. This simply means...
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how to compose email

How to Compose Email? First click on Compose Email tab then type your Sender name, Sender Address, Subject Name and Footer which is optional. After fill all details click on next button. Design portions select you’re create templates or create new templates. Select next button. Contact management portion select group and using filter than select segment,tags,etc. After click ...
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