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  • Bulk Email Services facilitate you to market your products and services across the globe.
  • Transactional emails are sent to a single person at a time and are limited in the category of content they can comprise.
  • Emailidea, which is a bulk marketing company, provides enhanced ways and approaches to send transactional email.

How Transactional Email Works

The transactional emails enable you to deliver information that is exclusively applicable to the information that is exclusively applicable to the respected recipient. These emails can offer respected recipient. These emails can offer requested information or follow-up an individual requested information or follow-up an individual of required action, like if your users placed of required action, like if your users placed products in their shopping cart but didn't finish products in their shopping cart but didn't finish the item purchase.

Account Creation Emails

As one of the foremost transactional emails, a subscriber will get from your business brand; account creation emails are decisive to construct a good relationship with your users. Utilize account creation emails as an opening to build contact with your targeted subscribers and commence a trusted interaction with them.

Password Reset Emails

Password reset emails enable users to pull through or recover passwords or set new passwords to access your application. This category of a transactional email is significant to any application that needs a password.

Purchase Receipt Emails

Customers anticipate purchase receipt emails from any online service provider or vendor they do engage for business. Poor email delivery service or emails delivered to the spam folder can direct bad user experience with your business brand and impact your overall revenue stream.

Account Notification Emails

When building your web or mobile application, you require determining how you will alert or notify your targeted users of imperative activities going on in your app. Here, transactional emails can envelop a broad range of notification use cases and even sustain a good relationship with your business brand.

SMTP Server & Transactional Email service

  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server is an email transmission which sends the email across the connections whether it is promotional emails or transactional emails.
  • With the dedicated SMTP server you’ll have the advantage of transactional email services:

Priority Email Service

You can arrange your email list with our priority email service. As per your requirement, you can prioritize your email campaign. The main benefit of this service is you can organize and prioritize your email campaigns to send the emails according to their importance.

OTP Email Service

OTP (One Time Password) is basically used for the security of your account. Once you received OTP in your email you can log in into your account using it. OTP can be used for only one time, after that it is invalid. You can receive it while signing a social account, credit card transaction or any other activation. Our OTP email service is robust and real time. You will never face any delay in this service and the customer will receive OTP in seconds.

SMTP Server for Email

SMTP server handles the main part that is sending the email. It may have communication with host SMTP server to deliver the email. We’re providing multiple SMTP dedicated the server to your email campaign which will increase the speed of delivery via dedicated SMTP mail server.

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