Build Engagement With Transactional Emails

9/25/2020 10:47:44 AM
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Most of the time, transactional email services messages are underrated. Their utility is kept limited to inform users about the transaction only. However, it is not correct. If used with a little creativity and imagination, these messages can help drive business growth.

There have been examples where businesses could make use of these messages for interacting with notifications. Thus, they become the powerhouse of user engagement. The messages were used as core tools to drive the conversion of customers and retain them.

It is essential to know about the definition of transaction email first. It is a mail message triggered by a particular interaction. An example is receipt and thanks mail after receiving an order.

Since transactional emails are targeted and personalized, they can do better work than promotional emails sometimes. The probability of opening a transactional email is quite high because it is associated with a transaction.

The blog touches upon a few ways you can build customer engagement using a transactional email.

  • Welcome email: You send a welcome mail to a new user or subscriber. If the credentials are already known, then they can be inserted in the mail draft to make it more personalized. It is better if it is customized further based on customer preferences. You can check the effectiveness of welcome emails by sending different mails.
  • Onboarding email: Confirmation email after the customer onboards or subscribes to the service is called onboarding mail. Since it is in response to a particular action taken by the customer, it is more personal. The user will surely open the mail and read it thoroughly. Moreover, he will be interested in keeping furthermore engagement. Hence, the message should be direct and simple. It should give all the required information about onboarding precisely and clearly.
  • Reward email: Once the customer makes several transactions, you would like to please him by sending some attractive rewards. It is a good way to retain the customer and keep his interest alive.  It is a more personalized email where you talk about the relationship so far. Hence, it is a high possibility of getting more transactions in the future.
  • Receipt email: Indeed, it is purely a transaction email where you give information about a previously successful transaction. However, it has a big potential of using it for further selling or promoting products or services.
  • Feedback Email: Last but not least, even a feedback email can be used as a customer engagement tool.

Thus, you can build customer engagement successfully by transactional email.

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