Our Email Marketing Services

Bulk Email Marketing Services

Bulk Email Marketing Service allows you to market your products/services across the countries as well as cities. Campaigning with us will drive a lot of traffic to your site and gain leads on your product and service. We’re providing SMTP server dedicated to your email campaign for the smooth and quick run. This service includes:

Promotional (known/subscribers list)Email Service

We’re providing this service to only those clients who’ve known subscriber list for the email campaign. The main aim of promotional email service is to get the word out from potential consumers with the email campaign. Promotional email services used for new product launching, offers, for announcements whereas, transactional email services used for giving information to the consumer about shipping of the product, invoice and account update as well as password reset information.

Mass Email Platform

It provides you to send emails in large quantity as we’ve multiple SMTP servers to execute your email campaign. You can send bulk emails as per your hourly requirement to send. No need to worry, we’re here for your Bulk email marketing service.

Blast Email Solution

This tool boosts your campaign speed by providing hassle-free service. Your packages and dedicated IP’s decide your email campaign speed. For e.g. the Basic package gives you 1000 sending limit per hour. However, there is no sending limit of emails but there is a restriction on sending rate as per your packages.

SMTP Server & Transactional Email service

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server is an email transmission which sends the email across the connections whether it is promotional emails or transactional emails. With the dedicated SMTP server you’ll have the advantage of transactional email services:

Priority Email Service

You can arrange your email list with our priority email service. As per your requirement, you can prioritize your email campaign. The main benefit of this service is you can organize and prioritize your email campaigns to send the emails according to their importance.

OTP Email Service

OTP (One Time Password) is basically used for the security of your account. Once you received OTP in your email you can log in into your account using it. OTP can be used for only one time, after that it is invalid. You can receive it while signing a social account, credit card transaction or any other activation. Our OTP email service is robust and real time. You will never face any delay in this service and the customer will receive OTP in seconds.

SMTP Server for Email

SMTP server handles the main part that is sending the email. It may have communication with host SMTP server to deliver the email. We’re providing multiple SMTP dedicated the server to your email campaign which will increase the speed of delivery via dedicated SMTP mail server.