Top 4 Transactional Email Myths Exposed! - Learn the Truth About Transactional Email Services

11/12/2020 3:40:15 PM
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There has been great innovation and development in the field of telecommunication recently. Companies are constantly analyzing and renovating new methods to support the client. Out of the most commonly used platforms, Emailing is the major one. Due to their low cost and high reach ability, companies are using it for transactional email and promotional purposes. Transactional Email Services provide varied services and facilities. There are several myths about transactional emailing service.

#1 Transactional Email marketing is not effective

Email marketing brings great returns because it is inexpensive to implement. Emails can increase bottom-line multiple times. Statistics say that email is six times more effective than popular social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Almost five percent of new visitors visit your website after receiving promotional Emails. It is far higher than people visiting through other platforms like social media or search engines. It underlines the usefulness and effectiveness of transactional Email.

#2 Sending transactional Email does not attract attention

As per the experts in the field, higher click-through rates are found in all types of email marketing-whether it is transactional or promotional. It is because people are habitual of accessing their email almost daily. When they see a new mail, they click it and read the content. Therefore, it is completely false that transactional email does not attract attention. The percentage of success in grabbing the attention of viewers is the same throughout the week. There are no spikes or dips.

#3 You need to constantly monitor open rate and click-through rate

Click-through rate and Open rate are two essential metrics that tell about the success and effectiveness of an email marketing campaign. However, it does not mean you have to repeatedly check it. Also, you should always remember that these two rates (CTR and Open Rate) do not tell you about how the recipients are responding to an email campaign? Especially, it does not tell whether they took the desired action or not?

#4 You have to send large lists to get good returns

Yes, it is quite obvious that the more people receive your email, the more is the probability of opening it. However, it is not the sole criterion for measuring effectiveness. You will get more benefits by sending an email that is triggered by some specific event or action. Some examples are downloading a brochure or clicking a purchase link.

Thus, the blog busts some prominent myths about transactional Email.

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