why emailidea.biz does not recommend sending attachments in bulk emails

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You can send bulk e-mails with small attachments in emailidea.biz, but it is usually not advisable to use attachments in bulk-e-mails. Alternatively you can Send attachment as Link.

  1. Receivers Internet Service Provider (ISPs) may Block your Email and mark it as spam even before your subscriber even gets to receive it. 

ISP’s have various algorithms to filter the content and one of the filter is Attachment when sent in Bulk. As lot of spammers use attachment to send email viruses your files could be a potential security threat to the receiver. And even if your email passes through the email server, spam filters of Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook and Yahoo! may block your attachment completely. This has a big impact on your email campaign deliverability and also hinders the reputation of our IP’s and thus impacting your account reputation with us.

  1. There are high probabilities that your subscriber is likely think it to be spam.

Due to increase in Email Spams and hackers, many people are sceptical with the content of the email that the content might be intended to steal some information, and they doubt for Viruses in the attachment. If they see your email with a red eye and doubt about it then there is high chances of them hitting the SPAM button and report your email. And you already know the Impact of that action!

  1. Your email size become too heavy. 

Emails are transported from the sender to the receiver through various servers and Internet, so definitely larger the size of your email, slower is the speed of its delivery. Attachment also has high impact on our email delivery speeds and thus we are forced to Charge additional for the attachments. When an attachment makes your email too heavy, it can cause performance issues for your campaigns and also causes significant delays the delivery.

  1. Your attachment is lost when the email is forwarded.

If in case your email is forwarded then the attachment doesn’t gets forwarded. Instead if you use Link attachment option then that will be carried forward in the forwarded emails and thus serving your purpose.

  1. Limited Mailbox Space

Lot of people have limited space in their mail box and also have limit to the Size of Incoming file attachment. So larger files gets rejected due to “Over quota Error”.

  1. Security  Issue

Nowadays malware is commonly distributed in mail attachment with executable files or Zip files. Therefore even if you are sending attachment avoid sending ZIP, Word, excel or any such file which may contain viruses. Currently PDF attachments seem to be rather safe.

  1. Reputation at risk

Some servers also might put the sending mail server on Black list which can imact our server reputations and put our services at risk causing our other clients to suffer on deliverability’s.


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