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As we discourage sending Email attachment, but we understand that attachment is a feature which is required by most of the clients using Bulk email service.

So as an alternative we recommend clients to use our “Send as Link Attachment” feature where in you can send files upto 10MB. This Link is attached in your email HTML Content and the disadvantages of Sending Attachments are handled in this feature.

Following are the benefits of using “Send as Link Attachment”

  1. You can send larger files.

As this feature hosts the file in our server and includes only the link in the email content, it has minimum impact on the overall content size. So we allow larger file up to 10 MB to be sent to the subscribers.

  1. Sending speed of email campaigns is not affected.

Email Campaign size is not impacted and thus the overall campaign size is not such big and thus does not impact on our email delivery speeds as compared to the campaigns using email as attachment

  1. Reputation is not Impacted

As we don’t send the file at normal attachment the spam filter does not consider it as attachment and thus their filter does not impact the deliveries due the reputation also helping us maintain our reputation.

  1. Tracking is possible of people who have clicked the link of attachment

As it is sent as link, our Link tracking facility tracks the number of clicks in the campaign and thus giving your rich analytics of your campaign.

  1. Most Important: This feature does not impact your email sending cost

This feature is free as compared to email attachment facility, so hurray! Your email cost is reduced.

  1. Increases the chance of your email being opened and read

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