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About the Subscriber based Monthly Plan

If you are selecting the Subscriber based Monthly Plan, then you can select the different Option based on the size of your Contact/Subscriber List.

How is the Email Sending Limit calculated?

Based on the Subscriber Plan you will be allowed the Email Sending limit of 10x the count of subscriber plan selected. For e.g. if you are selecting the Plan of 10,000 Subscriber then you will be allowed to send 10 x 10000 = 1 lakh emails in the given month. There is provide more facility to user where he can use multiple time send same contacts more than 10 times till the sending limit should not be exceeded.

What if I want to send more email then the Email Sending Limit and my subscriber list is not increasing?

If you want to send more Email then the email sending limit based on the subscriber plan then you will have to upgrade your Plan to higher subscriber based plan. For e.g. if you want to send 1.5 lakh email and you have only 10,000 subscriber list then also you will have to choose the plan of 25,000 subscribers to Increase your email sending limit to 1.25 lakh Emails.

How is the Subscriber/Contact count calculated?

We calculate all unique contacts in your groups towards your contact count. We don’t include Archived, deleted & cleaned Contacts towards your contact count. Unsubscribes and Spam Complaints contacts are counted towards contact count. If you have the same Email-id in two different groups then it will be counted as one . In order to save on Billing it is better to Use Tags instead of adding the contacts in two different groups. Learn more about cost saving in this article.

Can I save contacts more than my Subscriber List Plan?

For using this you have to options

  1. Upgrade the plan: You can upgrade in any time whenever you have pay for this month. It will cut the cost and add the subscriber accordingly for this month and you can upload more contacts there.
  2. Subcriber Recurring plan: In this plan once you have subscribed and registered the account as Subscriber recurring plan where you can add more contacts and can send multiple emails from your plan. The charge will bill in the next month via Auto Pay.

We will not count Deleted contacts or Archived contacts into your Subscriber count.

What are the ways to reduce my monthly subscription cost?

List management is the most important aspect of Email Marketing and a factor which impacts your billing cost and Email deliverability. Reduce you cost and increase the Email deliverability it is important that you maintain List hygiene. You should follow the exercise on a regular interval to remove the contacts that are Inactive and not taking interest in your campaigns. Also you should remove the frequently bouncing emails. You have the option of Archive which keeps the history of emails and also does not count towards your billing.

How can I Upgrade my Plan?

You may be thinking of upgrading your account in order to be able to store more contacts or to be able to Increase your Email Sending Limits. You can upgrade your account any time you wish just by selecting the appropriate upgrade Plan and paying the difference amount of your current plan and the upgraded plan. As soon as you make the difference payment your account gets upgraded with the selected plan and you can store more contacts and send more emails as per your new plan. Please note that in case of upgradation your billing cycle does not change, i.e. if you are having a Billing cycle from 10th Jan to 10th Feb and you decide to upgrade your plan on 20th Jan, then your next billing cycle will still remain 10th Feb to 10th Mar. Also when you upgrade then in your next billing cycle you will have to pay the Upgraded Plan amount.

How can I Downgrade my Plan?

Currently we have to no facility to downgrade you plan by web panel. For this you will have to contact to our support team. He will be guide you accordingly.

Can I temporary pause my Billing?

If you think you want to stop sending emails for a while and activate it back after some time, then you can use the facility of PAUSE. This facility is not available at the movement.

Can I store duplicate contacts?

You cannot store duplicate contacts in the same group, but the same contact can be stored in different groups. In case of duplicate contacts in two different groups we will count it separately towards your contact count. We recommend using Tags instead of different groups to better manage your contacts. Any duplicate Email address will get automatically deleted at the time of addition.

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