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There is no standard thumb rule defined in any document by any Email Service Provider (ESP) about the way they screen your email and define its landing into Inbox. But out of every understanding that we receive from the patterns one thing is sure that all the Email Service Provider like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and others are moving toward one simple goal i.e. “No-Spam”. This simply means that they want to screen and let through only those emails that they feel are important and loved by their users. For this simple goal, they are getting smarter and intelligent using advanced algorithms. Under these algorithms, they use factors like Reputation History of Sending IP, Sending Domain, Content, and Interaction with the user.

Using our experience we have listed a few pointers below which if taken care can improve your email deliverability and results

1. Use Corporate Domain if possible.

2. Don't Use the blacklisted domain or domain associated with a Blacklisted Ip. Verify on whether your domain or IP exist in blacklist or not

3. Point properly the SPF, DKIM & Dmarc records as per the Instructions in the Login to ensure proper Authentication of your Email by the receiver ESP

4. Test your content before sending using our SPAM content check tool to modify your content for better delivery

5. It’s always better to use our "Email Validation Service" before sending Emails. This will help you in removing the Hard Bouncing Emails and Risky emails which might spoil your email sending reputation.

6. Don't buy an Email database from the market and send emails as it may contain SPAM TRAP's, Inactive emails which will harm your account reputation and may result in blockage of your account.

7. Maintain list hygiene by removing frequently Soft Bouncing Email address & Non-Interacting Email addressed from your List.

8. Try to use interactive & related content to increase email views, link clicks & interactions. This will build your account reputation and will increase Inbox deliveries

9. We maintain contact scoring/rating algorithms & many other techniques to identify genuine users and separate the spammers from the system. So the more your contacts are rating high (based on Interactions), the more will be your sending limits and inbox deliveries.

10. Never use Short URL like google short URL, or Bitly Short URL as these are treated as SPAM links by ESP's

11. If possible try to send an email with personalization by the recipient's name.

12. Always make sure that the content contains text also because sending only Image is treated as suspicious by the ESP as it cant be read.

We will keep updating and adding new points based on our learning to this Blog

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