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How to Compose Email?

  1. First click on Compose Email tab then type your Sender name, Sender Address, Subject Name and Footer which is optional. 
  2. After fill all details click on next button.
  3. Design portions select you’re create templates or create new templates. Select next button.
  4. Contact management portion select group and using filter than select segment,tags,etc. After click on next button.
  5. If you want to send customize subject and body contents you select personlaized tab and select above dropdown columns which you want to use  otherwise click on next button.
  6. Confirmation portion check your all details like subject, from ,  reply and count of contacts. Also you can send either attach a file or link with the email content.
  7. If you want to send immdiate, click Send Email otherwise please check sheduled and select your desire datetime in text then send

We have make a demo of this. Please see this below video.

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