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what are the charges of sending attachment in emails from

First of all we would like to explain you that we have two options for sending Attachments Send as Link (Max 10MB) Send as Attachment (Max 2MB) We highly recommend opting in for the First option of sending your attachment as Link in your email content. It is not advisable to use the second option of sending your file as attachment when you are using and sending Emails in Bulk. Y...
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why is charging for email attachments

Sometimes back we used to allow Email attachment for Free and had two options of sending attachments. But in our learning curve we came across various learnings which we will explain below which prompted us to make the charge applicable for sending Attachment in emails. (Even other reputed Bulk email service providers dont allow attachments). Following are the reasons for implementing charge...
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what is the alternative to email attachments

As we discourage sending Email attachment, but we understand that attachment is a feature which is required by most of the clients using Bulk email service. So as an alternative we recommend clients to use our “Send as Link Attachment” feature where in you can send files upto 10MB. This Link is attached in your email HTML Content and the disadvantages of Sending Attachments are h...
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