Email Marketing vs SMS Marketing

10/29/2018 6:53:52 PM
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Everyone in the marketing industry is trying to find new ways to promote their business or send necessary information to their clients via digital bulk marketing company. Every little or enormous business is taking interest in digital marketing and trying out email marketing or SMS marketing.

Email Marketing Vs SMS marketing

This is one of the most debated marketing techniques topics. In my opinion, nowadays though, it’s unfair for a brand to communicate with their customers just through one single channel, which converts the whole Email vs SMS irrelevant. Mobile has created an ‘always on’ marketing landscape, going SMS and email marketing tussling for our attention. Email and SMS to send out timely information and exclusive offers at mass.

SMS marketing and email marketing are one of the most affordable and economical marketing tools for mass communication. The worth of both looks almost the same but has a totally different outcome altogether. For strategy and promoting activity, it nearly appears to be identical, as you understand their features and advantages, you'll find that each method is different.

E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing, quite simply, uses the tools of email to deliver advertising messages. An email could be a remarkably flexible tool that can accommodate a large range of messages. Ads can be simple text-based, or in flashy multimedia format. An email will accommodate almost any message a marketer needs to send. The images encourage the reader to scroll down and interact with the sales messages contained within the body of the e-mail.

Advantages of E-mail Marketing

  1. Email marketing is targeted.
  2. Email marketing increases brand awareness.
  3. Email marketing is measurable.
  4. Email marketing is easily shareable.
  5. Improve customer retention through consistent engagement.
  6. Reach new customers through your online content.
  7. Promote new products or services.
  8. It is quite affordable.

Disadvantages of E-mail Marketing

  1. Undelivered and spam emails.
  2. Hard to manage customer lists.
  3. Low effectiveness.
  4. The database is expensive to maintain.
  5. Subscribers miss your message due to format issues sometimes.
  6. Subscriber engagement decay.
  7. Email marketing may alienate certain customers.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is permission-based, therefore every client should have given permission to the company to send text messages to their mobile phone. Successful SMS marketing campaigns send a brief, concise message with a very clear call to action. They usually personalize the message to include the customer’s first name to increase the chance of a response. A clear call to action can be a website link, number or email address. SMS marketing is additionally needed to give an opt-out option in every SMS sent. This could be done in a number of ways like using a keyword or directing your customers to an opt-out link. You can use keywords and links in many different ways to communicate with customers. For instance, you can invite them to text a keyword and links to receive coupons, information about changes in business hours, or notifications of upcoming events. For example, if a restaurant asks you to text PIZZA to 555888, Pizza is the keyword.

Advantages of SMS Marketing

  1. Instant communication.
  2. Solid open rate.
  3. Limited personal detail required.
  4. Greater engagement level.
  5. Build loyal customers.
  6. Fast and effective.
  7. Straight to the point.
  8. Integrate into your marketing campaigns.

Disadvantages of SMS Marketing

  1. Limited writing space.
  2. Can’t send to non-registered users.
  3. SMS failure, less success, delayed messages.
  4. No clear CTA. (call to action)
  5. It isn’t conversational.
  6. It’s easy to block unknown numbers.
  7. You can’t tell if texts have been read.

So, you must be thinking how you will determine which marketing channel could help you properly to communicate with their customers. Both are important if SMS is more personal, Emails are more professional, both have their own taste. In order to get in touch with us contact us here.

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