Email Marketing Do's And Don'ts For 2018

10/29/2018 6:21:12 PM
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What Is Email Marketing?

Sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email is called email marketing. It is a method of marketing where email is sent to a potential or current customer in a broadcast sense with an intention of selling or promoting your services, brand or product.

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing provides a chance to directly land in the inbox for building relationships with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers, at a time that is convenient for them.

Knowing what is email marketing and why is it’s important, let’s you focus on Do’s and Don'ts of Email Marketing.

  1. Subject

    • Do’s:- Create a good headline that shows the reader benefits rather than features. The subject is the most effective thing in email marketing. Keep it short, sweet, interactive and related to your content.

    • Don’t:- Capitalization in the subject is not appreciable at all. But that doesn’t mean not to use any capital letters, use it as and when needed. Avoid “ALL CAPS” instead use “Proper Case”.

  2. Content

    • Do’s:- Make personalization in your transactional email content. Firstly, make your emails clear and then catchy. Keep it relative to your content and contact. Make your content unique and personal by mentioning the client details like name, job profile, etc. Showcase the benefits of your service/product. Keep it short and to the point. Differentiate yourself from the crowd. Write your email marketing content professionally. Divide your email marketing content into sections.

    • Don't:- Do not spam the emails. Don’t ever, ever send out an email just to send out an email. Avoid mentioning the features of the service/product. Because the purpose of your email marketing is first customer interaction than the marketing of your company. Don’t write an essay about your company or service/product.

  3. CTA

    • Do’s:- Mention strong Call To Action (CTA). After all, if you are taking up subscribers' time and inbox space be sure to use striking, actionable text to draw readers in. Use more compelling verbs (e.g., get, read, try, etc.), and couple those with text relating to your specific offer. Keep it short. Your CTA has to be around 5 words only. Try using the first-person point of view in your email marketing CTA. E.g. “Start my first trial”. Keep it attractive. Use bright colors to attract. Make sure to use a call to action button at the top of your email as well at the bottom so users never miss it.

    • Don't:- Skip boring words like submit, enter, and even click here. Don’t forget to test your CTA button. If any CTA doesn’t work properly then it can leave a bad impression of your company or firm. Don’t make your CTA that long which will not be supported by mobile phones. Maintain proper size.

  4. Keep in Touch

    • Do’s:- Collect the data as a part of your email marketing campaign. If anyone subscribes with you, they might be interested in your offer or product, so do respond to them quickly. Do upgrade your list and retarget them.

    • Don't:- Do not spam your customer’s inbox by sending a lot of emails. Do not forget to upgrade your email marketing campaign list. Delete those email ids who have marked you spam.

  5. Signature

    • Do’s:- Including signature of the company with right and proper details drops a proper and professional impact. Mention a contact information.

    • Don't:- Don’t include out of service number or the number or email id you don’t pay enough attention.

  6. Attachments

    • Do’s:- Attach necessary attachments only if your email marketing content demands it. You can send your company profile in the B2B campaign where you are targeting VPs, marketing executives, owner, etc. This can attract your customers.

    • Don't:- Avoid duplicity in content. Try not to mention that information in content which you are going to attach as a file. Do not attach spam links. Make the proper combination of content and attachments. The attachment has to be related to your content and subject.

That’s all for Do’s and Don'ts of Email marketing 2018. I hope it will help you to improve your email marketing campaign. If you want to avail our services or have any other query you can contact us here.

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