Best Transactional Email Software in 2020

  12/24/2020 6:11:32 PM

What is a transactional email? They are the mail communication sent by you when some transaction is made by the customer. It could be a password reset, account creation, social media update, request for a refund, purchase request, and so on. Transactional Email Services integrate with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP to send an email. It is a TCP/IP protocol. A good email service increases the probability of your email landing in the right email box. Which service provider will you select? Well, here we talk about the best Transactional Email service providers. The majority of these are cloud-based. It is because the modern technology platform is cloud computing.


This service offers 10000 email free. The price will increase as the number of email and validation go up. Thus, the price largely depends on how many emails you want to send. The service is made for developers. People find it very much useful for sending, receiving, and tracking email. You get advanced analytics to track email and perform email management. The probability of email landing in the mailbox is high.  If you search for Best Email Services, then this service is rated among the top ones.

Amazon SES

It brings the name of Amazon. Hence, there is no question about its quality and reliability. This “send and receive platform” for email can be used for sending transactional messages and many other things. This Email Delivery Service offers flexible options and pricing. The creation of an email template is easy. You get a dedicated IP address and content filtering facilities. Define your own rules for email configuration.


This Bulk Agency offers several plans to suit the requirements of various people. You can pick any of them. The complete solution for email marketing is provided by this operator. It can be used for sending transactional email, CRM. Segmentation, marketing automation, and so on. There is a tool to send mail to a targeted audience. With drag and drop editor and statistics reports, the tool is quite handy and useful. Marketing automation will help in enhancing performance.


Bulk Email Services offer a price based on the number of emails you want to send. Malijet email can personalize email templates. You get real-time collaboration and in-app commenting. It offers an in-depth analysis of the email sent. Bulk Marketing Company gives a platform to send an email for various transactions performed by customers. Pick the best service provider that you find the best. 

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