Anti Spam Policy

  12/28/2018 6:51:35 PM

How to Comply with Emailidea Anti-Spam Policy

Here’s a short overview on how to comply with the company’s Anti-Spam policy:

  1. To send an email to anyone in a campaign hosted by Elastic Grid, you must have obtained their permission through:

    • An email newsletter subscription form on your website

    • An opt-in checkbox on a form

    • If someone completes an offline form like a survey or enters a competition, you may only contact them if they ticked a box that clearly indicates they want to be contacted by email

    • Customers who have purchased from you within the last 2 years

  2. By using Emailidea for your campaign(s), you agree not to any emails to addresses that:

    • You do not have explicit, provable permission to contact

    • You bought, loaned, rented or in any way acquired from a third party

    • You haven’t contacted via email in the last 2 years

    • You scraped or copy and pasted from the web

  3. Every email you send in a campaign must include the following:

    • A single-click unsubscribe link that instantly removes the subscriber from your list.

    • The name and physical address of the sender. If you’re sending an email on behalf of any other entity or person, you must include their details as well.

    • All emails must state the reason the recipient is receiving the message. For example, “You are receiving this message from ABC Company because you signed up for our email list at”

What Happens If I Spam, Or Try To Spam?

  • If we find that you are spamming, or trying to spam, with your AWeber account:
  • Things that will definitely happen:
  • We will immediately terminate your account.
  • We will refuse to refund your account.
  • Things that might happen:
  • We might charge you money if your spamming causes any interruptions in our ability to service other customers.
  • We might pursue legal action against you. (Spamming violates our service agreement.)
  • Note: we don't presume guilt. We investigate all potential spam incidents thoroughly before making a decision. But once we've made a decision, we act fast.


Emailidea has several mechanisms for helping you comply with its anti-spam policies. If you have further questions or if you want to report spamming activity by one of its customers, please contact us:

Read Emailidea blog on What is Email Spam, and get any questions answered.

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