What Is Transactional Email And What Is It Used For?

12/17/2020 6:11:58 PM
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Transactional Email is a method to communicate to customers about specific actions performed by them in an automated manner. The email lands in the inbox of the customer and he gets intimation of it. The email is called triggered email or automated email also. It is because they are triggered by particular actions and they are sent without any human intervention. A few examples are password reset, purchase of an item, notification of delivery, legal notification, and so on. Transactional Email Services offer value-added, automated services to integrate with the transactional system and push email to the corresponding email account. The process is instant ad performed almost real-time. Email Delivery Service tells about the status of mail delivery.

When implemented rightly by expert service provider like www.emailidea.biz, email can have high user engagement.

Why is the transactional email used for?

A transactional email can fulfill the needs of marketing and inform or update customers about an action or request made by customers. By hiring one of the best Bulk Email Services, you can expect your customers to receive the mail as soon as they refresh the mailbox. Here are some examples where transactional email can be useful.

Confirmation of transaction and receipts

The most popular use of transactional email is to send confirmation of any transaction. You can send automated receipts as well. A Bulk Agency like emailidea.biz integrates its module to the main system and triggers the mail as soon as a transaction happens. The draft of the email can be static or dynamic where some fields are taken from the transactionthat happened in the system.

Requests made by customers

It is possible to make programs to send the confirmation of the transaction made by the customer on his request. Take the example of a request for a refund or return of an item. Bulk Marketing Company can configure mail depending on the transactions and draft email accordingly. Examples of explicit requests are password requests, verification code requests, retrieval of lost products, and so on.

Changes happening to account

An email that is triggered by some change happening to the account and not due to any explicit requests is also called transactional email. They remind the customer about overdue invoices, failed transactions, and so on.

Email for behavioral triggers

These types of emails are used for increasing customer loyalty. When users achieve some milestone or meet any condition, the email is triggered. Call emailidea.biz, one of the Best Email Services and configure bespoke email.

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